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Profile P-10 - inter panel seal

Profile P-10, P-10/3 is designed to join single panes (of single glass). Glued or toughened panes of             10-10,5 mm thick glass.

Mainly used in the construction of glass walls  / glass buildings / offices and galleries. It is used in frameless, no-transom glass assembly systems.

Inter panel profile  fills the space between glass panel and merges them. It raises the standard of finish and strengthens the construction.

Filling the gap between glass panels it creates additional acoustic barrier, especially useful i n office spaces.

P-10 -Glass merging angle-180'

szkic1.jpg                 Product card P-10-pdg-ikona_9.jpg


P-10/3 -Glass merging angle-90'

prezentacjaP12-3_Espes2_8.jpg             Product card P-10/3-pdg-ikona_9.jpg


NOTICE: inter panel seal is not a construction profile, it  is for interior use only.

There are two self-adhesive mounting tapes used for application between panels.  The tapes used are transparent, leaving no reflections and are almost invisible!

tesa_mini_6.jpg*inf. on tape 4965pdg-ikona_9.jpg    *inf. on tape akrylpdg-ikona_9.jpg

Profile installation requires no special tools or chemicals.

Glass merging angle P-10 -180'; P-10/3 - 90'

Profile made of polycarbonate (PC).

* standard packaging - carton/100pcs, 1pc/3,00mb

We provide free samples      


How to install 180°

How to install 90°


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How to install

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They occur in Profile: C, T, P

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